International Ice sculpture festival in Jelgava

International Ice sculpture festival in Jelgava

Pasta sala, Jāņa Čakstes bulvāris and Pils sala


Friday October 4. / 2019

Call for "22th International Ice sculpture festival" participants is open!

February 2020, International Ice Sculpture Festival in Jelgava, Latvia, is taking place for the 22nd time. Since the festival has begun it's grown and evolved both artistically and organizationally, gaining recognition and good reviews among foreign artists and other international festivals.

Sunday February 10. / 2019

Last day of the 21st international ice sculpture festival in Jelgava

Today – February 10th, “” iec sculpting team will make flashsculptures in front of the festival’s visitors, which later will be placed at the Jānis Čakste boulevard. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the wide culture program : Concerts, Ice-skating show’s, ice carving demonstration duels etc.

Friday February 8. / 2019

We invite to use purchased tickets earlier!

Ice sculptures are a precious piece of art – unfortunately they don’t last forever. Those who bought tickets for the 10th February, we invite you to come tomorrow – on February 9th.

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