Traffic restrictions and parkings

This year the main stage is located at Jānis Čakste Boulevard and construction works will start on 6th February, that is why on 6th-7th February the Boulevard will be closed for traffic at the road section from Liela street to LLU swimming pool; the Boulevard still will be available for pedestrians.

Visitors are strongly requested not to cross the bridges but leave their cars on the parkings that will be available on both sides of the river, whereas inhabitants are strongly requested to reach the venue on feet or to use public transport.

Those who come from Riga can leave their cars on the field in front of Jelgava castle, on the parking of Zemgale Olimpic center or Jelgava Ice hall. Those who come along Lietuvas šoseja, can leave their cars on the parking at Sporta street 2C and other available parkings.

Tour operators and travel agents can leave the busses at the parking behind Jelgava palace.

On Pilssalas street, next to the Tea house the parking for disabled people will be organized.

Municipality in cooperation with GPS navigation software Waze will develop the map of parkings and restrictions in real time mode, which will help visitors to plan their traffic route.

More information during the festival:
Municipal Center of operative information: 8787
Jelgava regiaonal center of tourism information: 63005445, 63005447
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