International Ice sculpture festival in Jelgava

International Ice sculpture festival in Jelgava

Pasta sala, Jāņa Čakstes bulvāris and Pils sala


Tuesday October 19. / 2021

Call for "23rd International Ice sculpture festival" participants is open!

February 2022, International Ice Sculpture Festival in Jelgava, Latvia, is taking place for the 23 rd time. Since the festival has begun it's grown and evolved both artistically and organizationally, gaining recognition and good reviews among foreign artists and other international festivals. Application open till 30th of November.

Thursday February 4. / 2021

Till the 2022 !

It is quite unusual and strange that the month of February in Jelgava is beginning without the International Ice Sculpture Festival.

Wednesday February 5. / 2020

Large ice sculptures are taking their shape

At Jelgava, Post Island, 22nd International Ice sculpture festivals, 3rd competition day has concluded. Interpreting this year's festival theme, "Superheroes", team sculptures are slowly taking their shape, highlighting familiar characters from Hollywood movies, history books and our everyday life.

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