Festival 2020

February 2020, International Ice Sculpture Festival in Jelgava, Latvia, is taking place for the 22nd time. Since the festival has begun it's grown and evolved both artistically and organizationally, gaining recognition and good reviews among foreign artists and other international festivals.

Every year the festival brings together more than 30 professional sculptors and artists from all over the world.

"22nd Ice sculpture festival" will be held from February 7th - 9th.

Festival theme: SUPERHEROES

Hero’s against villains, light over the darkness and the unexpected turn of events, is increasingly exciting as in everyday life as in the work of art. 

For decades, following the various stories of comic book and movie superheroes our imagination has been driven to other galaxies. Although most frequently we associate superheroes with Hollywood movies, it is always worth to remember that they also live between the legends of our nations and the pages of history.

While superheroes are often fictional, they also can show our human side, true nature and deepest thoughts. We love the stories of superheroes because we want to identify with them, they are not only entertainment but also a new way of motivation how to be the best version of ourselves.

Developed: SOFTIKOM