About the festival

Beginning of the Graffiti street art festival can be found as far as the year of 2003. This year the aim of this project is to promote a sense of belonging and love for motherland culture, while expressing the Centenary’s message - “I am Latvia”. Because any freedom no matter in what form (country’s, nation’s, spiritual of physical) starts from a man.

Participating artists will have a chance to tell and show their “Story of freedom” with techniques that are typical for graffiti street art.

Organizers will provide every artist with everything that is needed to execute their idea. For example these materials will be scaffoldings, ladders and color balloons. This year every participant will have 15 color balloons all together which will contain 7 tones, which are permitted to use in the artworks – orange, clandestine red, white, party yellow, black, Eldorado yellow and blood red. Every participant will create 6 x 2 meter large artwork, which the festival’s artistic conductor, Dainis Rudens, will unite in one ensemble. 

All 9 approved artists after finishing their works will receive a money prize of 250 euros. However, after jury’s assessment that will occur in 4th of May winners will be identified. Total prize fund – 700 euros. There will also be a viewers' sympathies prize, for which people will be able to vote from 7th until 11th of May in Facebook’s official establishment “Kultūra” page. 

Graffiti street art festival in Jelgava is supported by Jelgava council and State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF).

Developed: SOFTIKOM