February 2022, International Ice Sculpture Festival in Jelgava, Latvia, is taking place for the 23 rd time. Since the festival has begun it's grown and evolved both artistically and organizationally, gaining recognition and good reviews among foreign artists and other international festivals.

Application open till 30th of November.

Every year the festival brings together more than 30 professional sculptors and artists from all over the world.

"23 rd International Ice Sculpture Festival" competition will be held from February 30th January - 6th February.

Festival theme: ZOO

ZOO – this laconic sign is recognized all over the world and is associated with the animal world. Not only with the man-made animal world in the zoo, but the indescribably diverse fauna that exists next to us – on land and in the water. And in us too. The animal carries with it wildness, but in interaction with a human being – a domesticated nature, in which the man can become both the animal's most important breadwinner and the greatest enemy. But sometimes we ourselves are guided by animal instincts, and it is said that there is an animal in each of us, or maybe a beast? Where does humanity end and the animal kingdom begin? Is a lion living in a zoo cage more humane than the one living in a steppe? And, is a person going hunting driven by animal instincts? Nature unites man and animal, but nature is different from the point of view of man and animal. This year, we invite sculptors in ice art to reveal the glorious animal world – its beauty and challenges.

! For the artists. The organizers of the competition advise to cearfully read regulation. Following the curent situation and previous years there have been made some adjustments. 

More information: REGULATIONS  

Following the development of the Covid-19 caused pandemic and referring to national and global epidemiological precautions to limit the spread of the infection, the festival organizers have the right to cancel the festival or change its form according to the current situation.

Developed: SOFTIKOM