Friday 3. February / 2023


Today, on February 3rd, at 6 PM the largest Ice Sculpture Festival in the Baltics will open its gates. Throughout the weekend, get to know the ice figures of ancient deities based on the cultures of different people throughout the time. More than 65 works of ice art, made from 80 tons of ice, exciting demonstrational duels and shows by professional sculptors, a wide cultural program for the whole family, as well as concerts of popular musicians in Latvia and Lithuania.

Team, individual and photo sculptures, the ice bar of the "Ledus vīni" winery, as well as various ice objects will be placed on the Pasta Island and Jānis Čakste boulevard. However the cultural program can be enjoyed in the open-air concert hall "Mītava".



Ancient deities. Mythological beings who have long been considered to be in control of people's destinies. Beings that embody the power and phenomena of nature and are the spirit force of various cultures. Ancient deities are found in Greek, Egyptian, Aztec, Nordic and many other cultures, highlighting their values. Ancient deities are shrouded in legends and myths. Over the years, these legends have inspired people to create new works in literature, art, and music, but this ice sculpture festival encourages new discoveries in sculpture.

The sculptures of the 24th International Ice Sculpture Festival competition, which will be created by 30 world-renowned sculptors from 12 countries from January 30th on Jelgava's Pasta Island. Virtuously interpreting the theme "Ancient Deities", the artists of the competition have been demonstrating their skills in two categories of the competition - individual and team - for the whole week. Together, creating 45 unique pieces of ice art.


Three days are allocated to the participants of the competition for creating team sculptures. Two large blocks of ice are used for this - each 210x110x50 centimeters in size, or two tons of specially frozen food ice without air bubbles, which melts much slower than naturally occurring ice. Each team sculpture is created in an individual tent so that it is less affected by the weather. However, in the creation of individual sculptures, an ice block weighing one ton and measuring 180x105x50 centimeters is used.


Visitors will be given the opportunity to experience the meeting of ice and sand sculptures, as the works of the Sand Sculpture Festival are still preserved on Pasta Island.




In the evening program in the "Mītava" concert hall on February 3rd at 7:30 PM, an opening ceremony will be held, where the winners of the festival competition will be awarded. The band "Rīgas Modes" will perform at 8 PM, and the hip-hop artist "Ozols" will entertain the visitors at 9 PM.


This year as well the spectators will be delighted by the fast or "flash sculptures". On Saturday and Sunday, actively creating new ice objects, sculptors will demonstrate their skills both in exciting demonstration duels at 5 and 7 PM in the open-air concert hall "Mītava" and in shows at 2 and 4 PM on Jānis Čakste boulevard and Pasta Island.

The youngest guests of the event with their families are invited to celebrate the ice festival in the open-air concert hall "Mītava", where fun games and theatrical performances will take place on February 4th and 5th at 12, 1 and 2 PM. During the festival, the nearby skating rink and various attractions will also operate.

On the evening of February 4, at 6 PM the musical group "Big Al & The Jokers" will take the stage, and at 8 PM Lithuanian stars - the "The Roop" will perform visitors. The group "Pērkons" will take the stage on February 5 at 6 PM, and the festival's stage program will be closed at 8 PM by "Bermudu Divstūris".

The visitors of the event are invited to dress according to the weather and before going to Jelgava to familiarize themselves with the traffic organization scheme, which will also be available during the festival in the "Waze" mobile app.


Tickets are available at all "Bilešu paradize" ticket offices and on the website

The international ice sculpture festival is organized by the city of Jelgava and the institution "Kultūra" in cooperation with the companies "Ramirent" and "Husqvarna".


Take note! Visitors to the International Ice Sculpture Festival are cautioned not to bring pets, dogs will not be allowed in the event area. It is allowed to photograph and film sightseeing objects, but it is forbidden to fly unmanned aircraft or drones over the event area without coordination with the municipality.

By arriving at the event, the visitor agrees to be filmed and photographed. Recorded material may be broadcast, reproduced and distributed without restriction.

Photos: municipal institution “Kultūra” archive

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