Tuesday 12. December / 2017

Participants of the 20th International Ice sculpture festival are known!

From 9th till 11th of February the International Ice sculpture festival in Jelgava will be held for the 20th time. This years theme for the festival is all about "Dreams". Judges have chosen 30 professional sculptors from 10 countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Ukraine, Bulgaria and China. 

In Jelgava city government establishment "Kultūra" organised draft contest all together there were 78 artists who applied and 139 drafts of sculptures were received. Sculptors this years theme interpret miscellaneously - for some dreams are their hopes and ambitions for future, but for some - boundless imagination and freedom opportunities, which can be fulfilled only while situated in state of dreaming.

Ice sculptors will arrive in Jelgava on February the 4th and will continue their work until 9th of February. Therefore, visitors will be able to relish in festival's atmosphere and get a closer look at the work of the artists from 9th until 11th of February.

In these 20 years International Ice sculpture festival have turned into a significant event. It has marked city of Jelgava in the map of the biggest Ice sculpture events and is the greatest ice sculpture event in all of the Baltic states. 

Festival is organised by the city of Jelgava.

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