Wednesday 7. December / 2022

Pupils invited to apply for collage competition “International Ice sculpture Festival in Jelgava”

In anticipation of this winter's grandest event, The 24th International Ice sculpture Festival, the local government institution “Kultūra” announces a collage competition for pupil collectives of  grades 1 to 4 “International Ice sculpture Festival in Jelgava.” This year students have been asked to develop an artwork on the theme “My dream ice sculpture.”


The aim of the competition is to support and promote the creative expressions of children in visual arts by providing an opportunity to strengthen existing and acquire new knowledge about the International Ice Sculpture Festival in Jelgava. Teams, classes or groups of grades 1 to 4 are invited to apply for the competition. One collective may submit one common collage of size A2 for creation of which any materials or visual art techniques may be used.

The first-place winners, if outside Jelgava, will get paid bus services on February 4, 2023 and invitations for the 24th International Ice sculpture Festival. However, if the class from Jelgava wins the first place, it will get paid bus services of 300 kilometres, as well as invitations to the festival.

The deadline to apply for the contest is January 13th. Interested parties may submit their collages to the person on duty at the Jelgavas' municipal institution "Kultūra" or send them by post (Krisjana Barona street 6, Jelgava, LV-3001). In both cases, “International Ice sculpture Festival in Jelgava” should be clearly indicated on the package. Notice, that this competition is only meant for pupils of Latvia.

Regulations are available HERE.

HERE is the application form.

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