Friday 9. February / 2018

The winners of the 20th International Ice Sculpture Festival have been rewarded

The Largest winter event in Baltics – 20th International Ice Sculpture Festival – has started. This year 33 professional sculptors from 10 countries, such as Latvia, Lithuania, Russia Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Ukraine, Bulgaria and China, made ice sculptures in the theme of “Dreams”. In the Festival’s opening ceremony on 9th of February winners of the ice sculpture contest were announced:

Individual sculpture – 1st place
Zīle Ozoliņa-Šneidere / Latvia
Let you dreams free!
Let your dreams free so they could find a moment to become true!

Individual sculpture – 2nd place
Martynas Gaubas/ Lithuania
Dream yourself
When you dream about yourself, and looks like you are seeing yourself in another's eyes.

Individual sculpture – 3rd place
Irina Alimurzaeva / Russia
Dream is a special kind of imagination...

Team sculpture – 1st place
Zīle Ozoliņa-Šneidere and Romāns Petrovs / Latvia and Russia 
Catching a dream
The image of a man from the North who wants to be warm. For this he catches the sun in the image of a girl.

Team sculpture – 2nd place
Elena Smirnova and Ivan Smirnov / Russia
Dream and reality.

Team sculpture – 3rd   place
Niall Magee and Pedro Mira / Ireland and Portugal
Inside Insight
Sigmund Freud was famous for applying dream symbolism to personality in an attempt to help people understand themselves.

Elisabeth Kristensen / Norway
Open your heart
I was borned with a minor heart condition, and as a child I was warned not to do things that would make my heart beat faster. I had heard that falling in love makes your heart beat so hard and fast I actually thought that if I fell in love I would die from it. And therefore both my sweetest dreams and my darkest nightmares were all connected to the beating of my own heart.

Ruslan Korovkov/ Bulgāria
We dream that we are free, but we are constrained by laws adopted by religion, science and mentality, as well as other dogmas of mankind. And we are searching for a way out.  

Pedro Mira / Portugāle
Mind twist
Sapņos mēs cenšamies atšķetināt savu samudžināto prātu.

Mariia Vavaeva and Matvey Vavaev / Russia
And let the whole world wait
To Fly ... to think about beauty.
Dream to touch the stars and clouds.

Visitors of the city of Jelgava are welcome to admire 65 ice objects, enjoy Festival’s atmosphere and vast entertainment program for the rest of the weekend – on the 10th of February from 10.00 AM until 11.00 PM and on 11th of February from 10.00 AM until 11.00 PM.  

On Saturday, 10th of February, visitors will be able to enjoy performances of Samanta Tina and Tadas Rimgaila, as well as the contestants of the X Factor Latvia: Adriana Miglāne, Līga Rīdere, Alise Haijima, Nadežda Mankeviča, Aivo Oskis and Edgars Kreilis. And on Sunday, 11th of February, during the festival “Mesa” and “Bermudu Divstūris” will perform. On Duke Jacob’s Square ice slides, ice labyrinth, ice workshop and much else will be available. 

On 10th and 11th of February everyone will be able to enjoy the demonstrational duels of ice sculpture making not only on Janis Cakste Boulevard stage, but also online: LMT Straumē.

Festival is organized by Jelgava city and “SEB banka” and AS „Ramirent” support.


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