"Pērkons" (Thunder) is probably the most titled group in Latvia - four officers of the Order of the Three Stars - Ieva Akuratere, who also received the Friendly Call medal and Juris Sējāns, Raimonds Bartaševičs and Juris Kulakovs, who is also an honorary citizen of Līvāni, three honorary citizens of Jūrmala and all - awarded with Medals of Barricades.

At the concert in Jelgava "Pērkons" will offer the audience to hear the songs collected during their creative activity including "Zaļā dziesma", "Slidotava", "Labu vakar", "Dziesma par sapumpuroto zaru", "Gandrīz tautasdziesma", "Mana dienišķā dziesma" and many others.

"Pērkons" father Juris Kulakovs says - as long as "Pērkons" will be able to combine beauty with strength, it will continue to roar. "Pērkons" continues to bring national self-confidence and still sounds like it was from the eighties, when rock kept the nation hopeful.

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