Jelgava City invites you to explore the world of ancient mystery in the largest sand sculpture park in the Baltics states on 8 and 9 June. The antique legends and rulers on Pasta Island will be turned into sand sculptures by 15 professional sculptors from eight countries, allowing one to go on a historic expedition. More than 1200 tonnes of two-tone sand will be used in the creation of the sand masterpieces.

This year, the festival will stand out with extraordinary and voluminous sculptures made by world-renowned sculptors and long-standing contestants from Latvia and abroad. In less than a week, 15 artists from eight countries - Latvia, Finland, Mongolia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Lithuania and the United States will launch the theme of this year's festival "Ancient World". Meanwhile, the festival's demo sculpture, which this year is the tallest - 15x8 metres, was made by one of the most famous Latvian sculptors Kārlis Īle together with Maija Puncule, Ainars Zingniks and Viļus Matutis.

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The main task of the sculptors is to show their interpretation of the antique world, at the same time awakening the imagination of the festival's guests and inviting them to think about their associations with historical events, legends and images. The ancient world is nowadays given a symbolic and mythical value, but we can undoubtedly draw different parallels with the perception of the modern human world - the dreams of mankind, the frightening and fascinating power of faith and the desire to rule, which the festival artists have chosen to highlight in their work. Visitors of the festival will have an opportunity to look at the images and values of the ancient world such as Cleopatra, Viking, Sphinx, Egyptian Pyramids, Tower of Babel, etc.


This year, the large-scale chamotte sculptures return to the festival! Within twelve days, four artists - Jānis Leimanis, Katrīna Vīnerte, Irēna Šliuželiene and Vilius Šliuželis - will form large-scale ceramic sculptures from the mass of chamotte. They will already be placed in the heat of 1200 degrees on the opening day of the festival on 8 June, thus creating a unique show of glowing under the night sky of Jelgava. The sculptures are created in cooperation with the State Culture Capital Foundation, Zemgale Planning Region and the company “Latvijas valsts meži”.


For the first time, in preparation for the International Sand Sculpture Festival, a pupils’ collage competition “My Summer” was held, being attended by 1st to 4th grade pupils of Latvia. 41 applications were received for participation in the competition, and after evaluation of all the submitted works, the 4th grade collage of the Kolka Elementary School was recognised as the best - the pupils of this grade will receive a paid trip to the Sand Sculpture Festival in Jelgava. An exhibition of the pupils’ works will be displayed for viewing at a special open air exhibition on Pasta Island. The transportation for the competition winners will be provided by SIA RC Būvnieks.


In turn, the festive atmosphere during the days of the festival will be taken care of by the beloved musicians - ATOM, Credo, Opus Pro, Dziļi violets, Mākoņstūmēji and special guests from Lithuania - Colours of Bubbles, while the small guests of the event will be able to enjoy two days of performances for children and other creative activities for the whole family.

Tickets on pre-sale by 7 June are available at a lower price at all box offices of "Biļešu paradīze" and online at www.bilesuparadize.lv For the convenience of festival visitors, tickets can also be presented electronically, as well as when leaving the festival area a stamp can be received allowing one to return to Pasta Island later on the relevant day.

The 13th International Sand Sculpture Festival is organised by Jelgava City, Municipality Culture Centre "Kultūra" in cooperation with SIA Ramirent.

More information on tourism opportunities during the festival: visit.jelgava.lv

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