Monday 11. June / 2018

The 12th International Sand Sculpture Festival was taking place in Jelgava on June 9th and 10th.

In the park of sand sculptures, dinosaurs, elephants, bears, monkeys, as well as philosophical and humorous characters met. 15 artists from 7 countries - Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and Russia - have transformed the sand forms into recognizable images, allowing them to look at the animal kingdom from different points of view. More than 1000 tons of sand have been used to create the unique sand sculptures.

Artists have interpreted the theme of this year's festival differently, but each work reflects the views of the author. Some formed the wildlife in harmony with people, promoting friendship between people and animals. Others portrayed the harshness and sincerity of nature.. In turn, some of the artists came up with humorous and philosophical artworks.
Aleksandr Skarednov (Russia) with sculptures "Red Book", Jakub Zimacek (Czech Republic) and "Snakes" and Oleksiy Poda (Ukraine) with sculpture "Friendship" received the highest honors in the festival competition.

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