Thursday 26. May / 2022

The Demo sculpture is already being made on Pasta Island

First sand sculpture of the 16th International Sand sculpture park "Summer Signs 2022" is already being made on Pasta Island in Jelgava!


The demo sculpture is created by the world's most titled Latvian ice and sand sculptor Kārlis Īle in colaboration with Maija Īle, depicting Michelangelo's work “Pietà” in a new format. The authors of the sculpture say that "Michelangelo is one of the greatest artists of all time. The sculptor is able to see and discover the very complex relationship between beauty and horror, love and hate, joy and pain, life and death. His sculpture "Pietà" has earned special attention. The special strength of such ingenious work lies in the fact that they stand still and do not lose their relevance even today, when many mothers mourn their dead sons, and many hope that these sacrifices are being made for greater and more noble cause. ”


It has been previously reported that on June 4th and 5th, the largest sand sculpture park in the Baltics “Summer Signs 2022” will open its doors on the island of Pasta, where masterpieces of crumbling material will be created by 17 sculptors from 10 countries - Czech Republic, Spain, Ukraine, Canada, Turkey, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Mongolia and Latvia.

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Developed: SOFTIKOM