Saturday 9. June / 2018

International Sand sculpture festival in Jelgava gathered thousands of visitors

Opening the summer festival season, thousands of people went to Jelgava, where the 12th International Sand Sculpture Festival was held on June 9th. In the largest sand sculpture park in the Baltic States, there are 16 large-scale sand sculptures. In addition to sculptural works, visitors enjoyed theatrical performances in the first half of the day, but during the concert program everyone was entertained by "Ilgi", Aija Andrejeva, "but bet" and "N. Jakusonoks and L. Tipa Orchestra ".

The festival will continue tomorrow on June 10th. The Sand Sculpture Park will be open to visitors until 11 PM. See the interpretation of Animal Kingdom in the work of 7 sculptors. Some look at it with love, but others see the wild and harsh nature of it. Evening program will include “Jonis” (Lithuania), “Sudden Lights”, and “Jumprava”.


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