Monday 28. February / 2022

Jelgava is looking for masterpieces! The application for the International Sand Sculpture Exhibition is open

The application for the 16th International Sand Sculpture Park “Summer Signs 2022”, which will take place in Jelgava from May 30th to June 5th, is open. Sculptors will bring to life this year's theme "MASTERPIECES" by using sand. Artists are invited to apply by filling out the official application form on the website until March 28th.

The most recognizable work of Renaissance art – Michelangelo's sculpture "David"; the world's most famous painting – Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa"; The Great Pyramid in Giza; Victoria water lily, which leaves may exceed 2,5 meters in diameter and withstand a weight of up to 45 kilograms; a chameleon that changes color under the influence of the environment; modern technologies – these are all masterpieces created by man, nature or the universe. Masterpieces that take away breath for a while. It is this feeling of admiration, surprise and inspiration that we want this year's visitors of Sand Sculpture Festival to experience by providing an opportunity to get to know outstanding achievements and masterpieces.

The jury will select 15 sculptors who have to make their sketches in the sand. The selected artists will work in the Sand sculpture park on Pasta Island from May 30th to June 3rd, but everyone will be able to appreciate the sculptors' performance from June 4th.

Sculptors can submit their sketch projects on the website until March 28th. The regulations are also available there. 

Referring to the current geopolitical situation, artists representing Russia are not able to participate. We look forward to the stabilized situation in the future.

The International Sand Sculpture Park is organized by the city of Jelgava and the municipal institution "Kultura". More information about the festival:,

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