Wednesday 6. June / 2018

Traffic restrictions and parking lots during the festival

During the 12th International Sand Sculpture Festival, changes will be made to the traffic organization, as well as additional parking lots will be created.

During the festival, residents and guests of the city are prohibited from parking:

  • On the Vecais Road
  • Cukura Street, in the section from Liela to Plavu Street
  • Pilssalas Street, in the section from Lielas Street to the Lielupe Bridge
  • It is also prohibited to enter Pasta Island by car

For the convenience of visitors, parking lots will be provided during the festival:

  • Janis Cakste Boulevard (we also invite to leave buses here)
  • Behind the Jelgava castle (we also invite to leave buses here)
  • Pilssalas Street 1
  • Cukura Street, in the territory near the Lielupe promenade
  • On the Vecais Road, in the area opposite the castle.

We also invite city residents and guests to follow the new road signs that will be placed during the festival.


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