Saturday 12. June / 2021

Relevant achievements of Latvians will come alive as artistic sand work in Jelgava

Taking a look into the most significant events of the global history and present-day, large-format sand works of art in Jelgava will honour major…

Friday 5. June / 2020

New concept for Sand Sculpture park

Continuing 14 years long tradition and adapting to the situation, in Jelgava, Pasta sala starting June 20th we are opening sand sculpture park.

Monday 10. June / 2019

Sand Sculpture park open for all summer

Starting from June 11th the largest Sand sculpture park in Baltics will be open for the whole summer. Visitors are welcome to enjoy large format sand…

Thursday 6. June / 2019

4th competition day – Discover ancient world in Jelgava

On the 8th and 9th of June Jelgava invites to discover the ancient world in 16th unique sand sculptures.

Tuesday 4. June / 2019

Making of Baltics largest sand sculpture park continues!

13th International Sand Sculpture festivals second competition day is coming to end. In Jelgava, Pasta sala 15 professional sculptors from eight…

Monday 3. June / 2019

The first competition day of the 13th International Sand sculpture festival has started!

Today, sculptors from eight countries have begun their work on the creation of a larger sand sculpture park in the Baltics. During this week, using…

Wednesday 29. May / 2019

The rulers and legends of the ancient world meet in the works of sand sculpture in Jelgava

Jelgava City invites you to explore the world of ancient mystery in the largest sand sculpture park in the Baltics states on 8 and 9 June. The antique…

Monday 27. May / 2019

Largest show sculpture in the history of the festival

Jelgava is getting ready for the 13th International Sand Sculpture festival. Sculptors from Latvia - Kārlis Īle, Maija Puncule and Anārs Zigniks…

Wednesday 24. April / 2019

This Year’s Sand Sculpture Festival Will Bring Together Renowned Sculptors From Around The World

15 professional artists from seven countries – Latvia, Finland, Mongolia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and USA – have confirmed participation in the…

Wednesday 30. January / 2019

Application to participate in 13th International Sand Sculpture Festival “Summer Signs 2019”.

The International Sand Sculpture Festival in Jelgava is taking place for the 13th year. Every year the festival brings together more than thirty…

Wednesday 22. August / 2018

Sand sculpture park working days and hours in September

Slowly but surely August is coming to its end. But the fun doesn't stop there... We are more than happy to announce that the sand sculpture park…

Monday 11. June / 2018

Baltic’s largest sand sculpture park will be open for visitors all summer

From the 12th of June the largest sand sculpture park in the Baltics will be open to visitors. In the summer season it will be open from 10 AM until 8…

Monday 11. June / 2018

The 12th International Sand Sculpture Festival was taking place in Jelgava on June 9th and 10th.

In the park of sand sculptures, dinosaurs, elephants, bears, monkeys, as well as philosophical and humorous characters met. 15 artists from 7 countries…

Saturday 9. June / 2018

International Sand sculpture festival in Jelgava gathered thousands of visitors

Opening the summer festival season, thousands of people went to Jelgava, where the 12th International Sand Sculpture Festival was held on June 9th. In…

Wednesday 6. June / 2018

The third day of the sculpture making process has almost come to an end on Jelgava city's Pasta Island.

Sculptors will continue their work on Baltics largest sand sculpture animal park until 8th of June, which you can also follow on live stream –…

Wednesday 6. June / 2018

Traffic restrictions and parking lots during the festival

During the 12th International Sand Sculpture Festival, changes will be made to the traffic organization, as well as additional parking lots will be…

Tuesday 5. June / 2018

The process of making the Largest Sand sculpture park in Baltics continues in Jelgava city

Currently the second day of the 12th International Sand sculpture festival contest day is coming to an end. As a sculptor from Belgium, Irina Sokolova…

Monday 4. June / 2018

The first contest day of the 12th International Sand sculpture festival has started

15 profesionāli tēlnieki no 7 valstīm uzsāk darbu pie Baltijas lielākā smilšu skulptūru parka izveides, izmantojot vairāk nekā 1000 tonnas smilšu.…

Thursday 31. May / 2018

The first artwork of the 12th International Sand sculpture festival is being made

In Pasta Island Sand sculpture park first artwork, demo sculpture, is being made. It will be made by four artists from Latvia and Lithuania– Inese…

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